Saturday, June 18, 2011


"Frida Kahlo painted herself but she also unveiled the stories of women who give birth to pools of blood... her painting is the story of women between virgils and dreams, of those who, full of uncertainties, dare to know themselves paint themselves and create themselves."

---Marjorie Agosin

This Mexican painter, most famous for her self portraits is a hero of many.  She would often shock people by the images in her paintings, paintings that portrayed her life of suffering and her conflicted marriage with Diego Rivera.  What is it about her that still makes the whole world drawn to her?    At first I thought she was famous for her eyebrows! Ha! My sister often calls me Frida Kahlo because I have such bushy eyebrows. I haven't seen the movie with Selma Hayek yet but I do feel inspired to!  I was immediately drawn to this Frida Kahlo spread from Harper's Bazaar (2001) with Maria Carla Boscono.