Monday, September 19, 2011


Wow its been weeks since I've updated! My apologies guys! I've been in and out of cities.. Also, I gotta blogging requires soooooo much effort, more than I ever imagined, I'm sure a lot of you would agree!  Picking an outfit, choosing locations, asking someone to take posy photos of you and having to go through that 'YESS I ADMIT I'M SO VAIN!!!' kinda embarrassment. Ahhaaha.  And then walking around town with people constantly starring at your outfit.  I'm from HK and Shanghai and I feel like we aren't as alternative as western countries.  I do not often see many people who dress out of the box or are open to alternative things. I love wearing outfits that I think are cool but when I have people constantly staring at me in subway stations or on the streets because I'm wearing a sheer maxi dress, I can't help but wonder what they are thinking.   Do they like it or think I look really strange?  So I can get pretty self conscious at times!  Oh the pain of blogging!!  I'm glad my best friend was ever so willing to help me out this time and we ended up having a tonne of fun!  Its not as embarrassing when your best friend is the one who takes the photos! :) 

Korean brand cut out blouse, Topshop Moto shorts, Topshop vintage belt, Japanese brand shoes.